James Bayer Room Booking Form

The Facilities of the University Club are available for rental to groups and organizations under the sponsorship of a member in good standing. Please contact the House Manager to ensure the James Bayer Room is available before completing the form. The online form is for convenience. It must be followed up with a hard copy form!

To print off the hardcopy of this form, download the pdf Form PDF


Rental Fee*

Method Of Payment*

A Sponsoring Member is REQUIRED to book any facility.

Please include a sponsoring member's name now and complete the declaration in due course.




The sponsor must sign a sponsor's declaration, which can be found at the bottom of the form here. It must be printed and sent to the House Manager via Acadia University Club, Box 100, Acadia University (internal mail works too!).

1. Due to liquor board regulations, no alcohol may be brought onto the premises, nor removed form the premises, except by the duly authorized agent.

2. When using the kitchen facilities, it is expected that the kitchen will be left in the same manner it was found. Charges will be made for any cleaning that is required.


Please calculate 3 plus 6.